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What is Malegra?

If there is one drug which doctors are going to prescribe to men to recover from Erectile Dysfunction is Malegra. There may be a discussion about Malegra vs Viagra but the bottom line is an erection that satisfies you and your partner’s urge.

Along with erecting ability, you feel safe with Malegra because FDA has given its approval for sale and purchase in the US. Simultaneously you will easily get the drug in most parts of the UK, and Australia as well.


Enhanced erection

Without an erection achieving orgasm is a fake dream. Relationships have been ruined due to it, so don’t ignore it. With the aim of removing this problem from the relationship men fall for Malegra.

Keep checking high blood pressure

High blood pressure is such a common topic nowadays. You could find almost anyone of any age suffering from high blood pressure. People fail to realize it unless diagnosed by a doctor. Sildenafil along with being an anti-ED pill also keeps check on rising blood pressure.

Active Ingredients

Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Malegra. There are ED pills where you will find more than one active ingredient, but it is not the case. You can say almost the total composition is Sildenafil along with minute proportions of catalysts and preservatives. These are chemicals that only enhance the productivity of the active ingredient.

How to use

  • Do not chew, break or do any such stuff, all you need to do is to swallow the pills.
  • The liquid used to swallow Malegra should only be water. Men using alcoholic beverages, and other drinks can be vulnerable to side effects.
  • While consuming keep in mind the power and dosage mentioned in the prescription. You need to take just that one, do not increase or decrease unless the doctor says.
  • Taking pills fixed or in a scheduled manner makes it easy for the body to get habituated to them.

How does it work?

The main process of erection of the penis consists of blood moving into its blood vessels during the process. This occurs when a man is sexually excited. But the case turns upside down when that man is an Erectile Dysfunction patient. He will feel the excitement for sex, but his penis will not provide him with the support.

So, as a solution when Malegra enters the body it has to re-erect the penis and keep it erect for several hours. This needs a huge flow of blood into the penis which is done by releasing more cGMP to smoothen the penile region’s tissues, relax pelvic muscles and suppress PDE5 from performing well.

Right Dosage

Missed Dose

Missing the dose is something which is one of the silliest mistakes you could make. But nowadays people are so engrossed in their another tasks that their health has become less important. Missing the dose is not as dangerous as an overdose because there are no side effects.

But it breaks the full rhythm or the cycle which you maintained by taking medicine at a fixed timetable. Skip the dose if the next dose is closed or else complete the missed dose at the earliest.


Going to the doctor as fast as possible is the best step you can take in such a situation. When you consume too much of the dose, then you cannot expect peace. Side effects are cent per cent sure to happen.

Find the nearest medical facility and shift the affected person there.

Side effects

  • Itching
  • Mild headache
  • Inflammation
  • Urinary pain
  • Mild fever
  • Poor bowels
  • Mental instability


The major benefit of Malegra Dxt that tempts doctors to prescribe and patients to buy Malegra is that it aids in a better sexual experience by erecting men’s penis for hours.



  • At first, be obedient to the prescription. This is the most important and necessary precaution which you may find very basic but actually demands discipline and determination.
  • Tell the doctor if you had been taking medicines earlier or currently for other issues. This could be your daily supplements like vitamin or calcium tablets or vitalizing tablets. The doctor will judge whether it would be safe for you to take both of them simultaneously.
  • When you go for a checkup for ED, tell the doctor also about your medical history, what you like to eat, mental health, allergies, blood pressure, sleep cycle, and such stuff.


  • Try to keep the temperature of the room or site below 40 degrees and above 15 degrees. Very high or very low temperature is not right for Malegra.
  • If the humidity level of the site where the drug is stored is very high then shift it to someplace where it is low to moderate.
  • Keep the medicine far from the reach of direct sunlight. Sunlight is good for us but not for the tablet.
  • In any way, there must not be any damage to the tablets while stored.

How to order Malegra?

If the doctor has assigned you Sildenafil Citrate, you need to order it. Instead of wasting time in looking for a good and trusted pharma site just visit Rxmedsaustralia. It will not only save you time but make sure you experience a customer experience which you never had before. From the website experience to customer support, it’s all top-notch and user-supportive.

The process is simple, navigate to the search box, look for your medicine, add it to the cart, and then do the payment. But this work is incomplete if you don’t add any of the prescriptions. Only after the prescription is verified does anything move ahead.


What Makes Malegra Effective?

This is all because Sunrise Remedies, the creator of Malegra is famed for its highly efficient manufacturing facilities. It is the combination of both talents in terms of manpower as well as the top-tech machines they use.

How long Does Malegra Last?

It will last somewhat in the range of 6 to 7 hours. But some actions of yours like drinking alcoholic beverages, and smoking before or after taking Sildenafil tend to reduce its performance. In that case, the hours may get reduced to 3 to 4 hours or even less. For maximum, you need to sacrifice a few things and obediently follow the prescription.

Malegra Reviews: What Do Patients Think?

Patients think that their doctor has made a good choice by giving them Malegra. And the reviews on Rx Meds Australia reflect the reality truly. You can also give your feedback/reviews, but first make the order from Rxmedsaustralia, as Malegra can go out of stock at any time.

Is Malegra Best for Erectile Dysfunction?

Planning comparisons in matters of the drug are not recommended and the result you may achieve is not accurate as well. So, what’s the point of doing it? For example, if an ED patient is allergic to Sildenafil Citrate which is the active ingredient of Malegra 100 Sunrise, then you cannot put Malegra or any Sildenafil containing the drug for comparison.

He has to take ED pills with a different active ingredient.

Is Malegra safe to consume?

When a drug has got certifications of approval from organizations like the FDA, CDCSO, TGA, and such this means, it has got safety approval to be used by the common public. So, you should not consume it without any worries.

Just take care that you follow the doctor’s prescription and the rest is for the drug to do.

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


10 tablets in 1 strip

Delivery Time:

6 To 15 days


Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd


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